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Who is

Viņš un Viņa

Vins un Vina is a duo of multiinstrumentalists.

Original mix of two cultures – latvian and french.

Unusual music mix - electro/jazz/folk.

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Viņa (She)

Ilze Lejiņa is known as one of the first popular Latvian saxophonists in Latvia. After graduating from the Madona Music School, the Jāzeps Mediņš Riga Music College, the Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music, Ilze perfected her studies at the Royal Danish Academy of Music and the National Conservatory of Music in Montreuil, France. While playing in the Riga Saxophone Quartet, she won the Classical Music Awards, founded and led the girls' saxophone quartet n[ex]t. For many years, Ilze was the leader of the saxophone group in the professional wind orchestra "Rīga", played solo parts in the Latvian National Symphony Orchestra and the Latvian Opera Orchestra. She has worked as a saxophone teacher in music schools in France and Luxembourg.

Viņš (He)

French musician Fred Hormain has accumulated musical professionalism by participating in many projects in jazz, salsa, electro and funk style both in France and Europe. He is said to be a talented and spontaneous, improvising musician who turns any moment of his life into a magical adventure. He has played a saxophone solo in Laima Vaikule's album "Atkal mājās" and performed together with Maceo Parker's drummer Jamal Thomas, as part of Candy Dulfer's warm-up group in Luxembourg, and also participated in music festivals in Latvia, Russia, Belgium, Estonia, Lithuania and Poland. Often performs under the pseudonym Mister Goldhand.

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